as college students, sometimes it is hard for us to follow up with our classes, especially at the beginning. What to take first what is more important what can be kept for later that would not hold other classes. Walking into your adviser's office every time you get confused ..... Our team met up and came up with the idea of programming a tracker that would keep track of all of your classes into our university journey.

What it does

this program will ask the user for their major, minor in the university After which the program will ask for courses a student took if they are a guest student. However, for registered students, the program would keep records of their past courses.

How we built it

the program was build using two programming languages JAVA and MATLAB.

Challenges we ran into

Team knowledge as we all got introduced in Hackathon. Also the lack of time as we are beginners and we could not implement our idea completely

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got a working model and a visual idea of how the program would look.

What we learned

Different coding structures to connect java codes and MatLab.

What's next for Auto adviser

Probably implement the idea as it would help a lot of students.

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