Our initial intention was to support customers in trouble, who do not contact the customer support service by themselves. Recently in Japan, it is a major problem to damage the brand image by negative posts of users. Posts shared on SNS, featured by mass media are known to the public, and sometimes cause controversy. Active support can be a solution. Properly responding to one user’s negative post prevents further trouble, in other word, big fire.

What it does

It detects tweets of unsatisfied customers and offers help.

How we built it

We creatively combined the Rakuten Rapid API to build an auto reply system for twitter. First, a user tweets trouble about product or service. Next, company’s customer service detects the tweet. Finally, the service contacts the user and offers help. Ordinary customer service just answers inquiries from customers, so it is passive. Active Support directly contacts users in troubles, before they ask for help.

Challenges we ran into

Debugging to build a working system and upscaling.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Various team members collaborated, and had fun completing the project.

What we learned

Processing took much time than we expected. We can build amazing products.

What's next for AUTO ACTIVE SUPORT

Protecting the reputation of companies and preventing the loss due to bad SNS influence and improve the service of AAS.

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