A person on Linkedin has uploaded a post requesting the team to implement a feature so that he can accept all his 600 pending connection requests. I thought I can build this project

What it does

It checks for the connection requests in inbox and accepts them one by one with the time frame of 3 seconds per request

How we built it

I used StreamLit for user interface and selenium module in Python to automate this process

Challenges we ran into

I need to test my project to make sure that it runs. However I hardly receive a connection request on Linkedin. So, I approached many student communities to send me a connection request. In an hour, I received more than 30 requests. This was plenty for me and I completed testing it.

What we learned

I learnt more about selenium concepts and I felt overwhelmed by the support that I received to complete my project

What's next for Auto Accept

I am planning to build a chrome extension for the project

Built With

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