All current solutions are too expensive

What it does

The child essentially scans RFID cards on the device and the device, after reading the card, outputs the expression.

How I built it

Used Raspberry Pi hardware along with several electrical components (amplifier, RFID Reader, battery pack etc.) and C++ (Wiring Pi) to code the device functionality

Challenges I ran into

I got the code done and the hardware is almost ready. There are minor bugs in the device electrically which need to be resolved but overall I'm almost ready with the first prototype.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As a a computer engineer, I'm proud of my progress at his hackathon. The project isn't complete entirely but will be ready soon!

What I learned

Pretty new to C++ so had to work extra hard to get that covered. Learnt basic electrical skills too which was really really interesting.

What's next for Autistic communication device for children

Purdue is housed in West Lafayette, Indiana. There are a lot of therapeutic centers for autism in the region. I just might contact them for user testing and try to gauze any commercial value that the device might have. To put it into perspective, my device will be priced 700% less than the product offered by the closest competitor!

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