Besides the obvious mental challenges that autistic children face in the world, children at school also struggle to focus on the subject matter because of a fundamental lack of motivation for what is being taught.

What it does

This service allows teachers to assign a generic assignment to students on an online platform. However, the assignments received by each student are unique, personalized, based on learned interests of these children. At the simplest level, the professor can assign an equation 2x = 8. The variable can not only be seen as a mathematical abstraction, but also as an opportunity to leverage difference among autistic individuals. A child with an obsession with trains is more likely to engage with the problem of "There are 8 trains and you only get half of them. How many do you get?".

How I built it

I used a Django framework in the backend and Javascript, HTML, and CSS for the frontend.

Challenges I ran into

I knew nothing about Django when I started this project, so the main obstacle I had was the learning curve for getting things off the ground and not being able to spend more time on the mapping F(Child_Interests, Generic_Problem) -> Personalized_Problem. I also spent a considerable amount of time tweaking an open source doodling project. This allows students to either draw or write something they like, with the intention of pipelining the resulting image to a GCP ML library to recognize the text/drawing and provide useful data about the student.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of getting this thing off the ground. I am also proud of having the courage to do it on my own and spending a full 24 hours on it.

What I learned

More than anything I learned that this project would have moved much further along if there were more people working on it.

What's next for Autistic Classroom

I plan on working on the project more and getting it to a point where I feel it can be reliable and useful.

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