What inspired us was that we discovered that autistic children experience this difficulty of having social interactions with their peers in school. We developed this application to address this problem to help them improve their social interactions such that they would be able to; Make frequent eye contact with people. Interact effectively in social situations.

What it does

The web app uses text-to-speech API that allows users with speech and language impairments (autism, cerebral palsy) to communicate by symbols and text-to-speech.

How we built it

The app was built using react-360, a virtual reality technology, and a text-to-speech API.

Challenges we ran into

We had the problem of server configuration while hosting the application. We also had to the issue of app dependencies not working

Accomplishments that we proud of

We are proud that we have to accomplish our fears working on this project. We were able to work together as a team to develop the application.

What we learned

We learned the processes of creating a VR experience using react-360 technology and deploying a VR application. We have also learned to manage a software application as a team.

What's next for Autism Assistance App

The next thing is to develop the app into a workable solution that could be used in classrooms for teaching children with special needs.

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