What is Autio?

Autio is an Android mobile/auto app that lets you collaborate with your friends to make a playlist on separate devices while being on the go. We envisioned this idea to solve the hassle of having to accommodate for everyone's great taste in music while being packed in an uncomfortably packed moving vehicles.

How do I use it?

The idea is to have a host, usually the driver, and everyone in the vehicle connect to a session on our servers powered by Linode through the app. The host starts the session by connecting his/her smart device to the vehicle through Aux cable or other future means. Then, using our app, he/her can generate an unique QR code which corresponds to the radical jam session that is about to be had by everyone within a 10m radius. Passengers who want to impose their own sophisticated tastes can then scan this code using their own smart device to join the session. Everyone will now able to add their own songs to the one of the most awesome virtual road mixtape of ALL TIME (so fire). The best part is, nobody can tell what song is going to be next, only how many songs, to make pleasant surprises even more pleasant.

When can I get it?

So far, we are planning to support Android smartphones(4.3 or newer) and Android Auto. But we also want your Grandma with her pimped out iPhone to join in on the fun. Making the best experience for your grandma (or any other non-android users) will take some time, and we want everyone to have fun (because at Autio, we believe in being inclusive) so it might take a while before it's out.

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