We wanted to simplify the transaction process and we thought contracts are easy to fake so we came up with AuthTract!

What it does

The platform helps you create contracts and track the signature state of these contracts using the blockchain technology. The proof that the contract has been signed is then forever available on the BigchainDB blockchain to avoid scams or fake contract signatures.

How we built it

We wanted a portable app that could be used either on mobile phones or computers. So we decided to make a webapp that could be hosted on Microsoft Azure's Web App platform. For our backend, we used python with flask and for our front end we used some bootstrap and jQuery. For more security, we tried to use the Microsoft Face API as part of a Two Factor Authentication process.

Challenges we ran into

We didn't really know Flask before the hackathon so we had a long period of learning how to actually use it. Also, we knew little about how to build an app using the blockchain. After some research, we found BigchainDB which helped us a lot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of our teamwork and learning, since we think we learned a lot during this hackathon!

What we learned

Using BigchainDB Using Microsoft Face API Using Azure to deploy apps Using Flask framework for python

What's next for AuthTract

We plan on continuing to implement the missing parts of the webapp after the hackathon.

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