The cross-border parcels with insufficient documentation and verification cause weeks of delay at customs and the ugly part of the problem are - the postal services are not informed about the cause of the delays, and hence cannot justify to the customers with the accurate reason of the delay.

What it does

It creates a secured platform where trusted entities can track the exact cause and verify the authenticity to process the package as soon as possible to avoid delays and keep their customers informed.

How we built it

We used node.js for backend services to interact with the IBM's blockchain infrastructure. IBM is the maintainer of the hyperledger and all the trusted entities updates the data on the ledger, thus allowing all participating entries to verify.

Challenges we ran into

Correlating the problems of postal service with the features of blockchain. Establishing trusted connection with IBM hyperledger framework. Configuring the trusted entities. The network should accept USPS and Customs as trusted entities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We explored the current world problem of cross border delays and presented a prototype to streamline the process. A working prototype where the two entities are able to exchange information in a immutable manner.

What we learned

The reach, efficiency and services of USPS. The work-flow of international packages, the cause of delays at custom. IBM Blockchain platform.

What's next for Authenticating delivery service using Blockchain

Extending the application to view and verify the entities from a UI perspective. Adding blob (invoice and images) functionality to support high quality information.

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