For a long time already I was looking to learn more about programming smart contracts and getting to know the Crypto ecosystem. However I never really got the time to do this. Until last month I stumbled by accident upon the Chainlink hackathon initiative. It gave me a good reason to start diving deep into this and to see what the possibilities were. As I work daily with AWS and I saw how they handle permissions and also I have some experience with Authentication projects, I thought it could be something I could add value to.

What it does

It proposes a way to validate transactions off-chain based on pre-signed permission documents. Its a 2-step process where the user first requests approval and then when the approval is given it can execute the transaction. The permission documents contain instructions in a programmatic way to validate the transactions so that we can recalculate and automate the approval process. Currently users missclick/send funds to the wrong address/get phished/get hacked and this will only get worse with Ethereum Account Abstraction where with 1 click of the button you can send multiple transactions. Having a system with fine grained access control can save your funds.

How we built it

Its using AWS, Python, Javascript, React

Challenges we ran into

As its a solo-team having to do this from A to Z was maybe a bit too much work. Still looking for people to join and add to the project/idea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As it was mostly a project to get to know the crypto ecosystem and I did it for myself and my own learning experience, I'm already happy with the result no matter what.

What we learned

A lot about the crypto ecosystem and gained a lot in technical skills.

What's next for AuthE

Get some good feedback on the project and see where it can be improved.

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