Auth0 Microsoft Voice Login: is a two way factor login authentications build on top of Auth0 Powered by Microsoft Speech to Text Synthesis. Designed for both Normal and Disabled Users(Eg.Users with Impared Visions).

Its time to end Spam-bots menace and Unauthorized Users Account access by Hackers.

Features/What it does

1.) Easily Upload Your Recorded Voice Audio Data. The Audio Voice can be a series of Speech as Audio or Text messages converted as audio/voice files. Accepted Format is .wav Files.

2.) Each Uploaded Audio Voice Files are decoded to get the text content via Microsoft Speech to Text Synthesis
3.) The Decoded Voice Audio Messages are password hashed before saving it to database using Php Password Hashed Algorithm.

4.) Each Time User Login to the App, Voice Verification will popup as a two way factor authentications. The User is then required to Upload and Verify his Voice Audio Data. The Uploaded Voice data is then decoded to text messages via Microsoft Speech to Text Synthesis and matched against the Previously Decoded Voiced hashed messages along with authenticating User email address to allow or denied Access.

Why This Auth0 Microsoft Voice Login:

1.)Good bye to Spam-bots and unauthorized Users accounts access by Hackers
2.) Highly Secured. You can even write a full page letter with over 1000 words and convert it to audio wav files and use it as your voice data. Decoded Voice Data are hashed and matched along with the authenticating users email address coming from Auth0.API
3.) Best two way factor authentications option for People with Disabilities (Eg. Users with Impared Visions)
4.) 100% Reliable than Face Recognition.
5.) Super Blazing Fast API.
6.) Each API Call is less expensive and Network Reliable than SMS OTP
7.) No Message Queue as in case of SMS.
8.) Any Audio Voice can serve. Microsoft Speech to Text Synthesis currently supports .wav, .mp3, .ogg files etc. but in this app we have implemented .wav files so more file format options can be rolled out.
9.) Voice Audio File can be in any language of Choice as Microsoft Azure supports over 40 languages but for this demo application, we implemented only English Speech to Text Synthesis.

How To Use this App:

Its Just simple. Go to Upload Voice Data Menu on landing Page and Upload your Audio/voice Recorded data. Accepted format is .wav files.

The App will require you to Enter Email Address that you use to authenticate Eg. if you are log in into auth0 with Gmail Google Account. The email address must match that of your Google Email Address.

Next You can Now login via Auth0 login button. Each time you login the app will require that you verify your Voice Audio Data before allowing you to see any content in this case ( Your Auth0 Home Content, Profile Data etc.)

Technologies used to build this app:

1.) Auth0 Login API
2.)Microsoft Speech to Text API
3.) Microsoft Azure Hosting for Remote Sever Call
5.)Ajax and Jquery at Front end
6.)Php and Mysql for Storing and processing Data to and from Microsoft Azure Hosting Server

How to run this Application

To run this application Locally or Remotely via Microsoft Azure Hosting please see the instruction files attached to the code submission.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Just trying out Auth0 and Microsoft Azure for the first time. They are awesome and fantastic

What I learned

What's next for Auth0 Voice

more features coming soon...

Built With

  • ajax-jquery
  • auth0
  • microsoft-azure-hosting
  • microsoft-azure-speech-text
  • mysql
  • node.js
  • php
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