Team Chat Apps was Designed for connecting Family Members, Teams, Groups Collaborations, Businesses, Doctors and Patients etc. working on a Project, Task, Issues etc.

Just You and your Loved ones. Just You and your Teams only. No 3rd Party eavesdropping.

Features/What It Does:

1.) Send and Share Text Messages
2.) Send and Share Files
3.) Send and Share Youtube Videos
4.) Sound Notifications on New Message arrival
5.) Typing Notifications as your Team Members Types
6.) Online Team Members Counts
7.) Online Team Members Presence indicator and More
8.) Ability to Share and Invite Your Team Members to Collaborate via Your Invitation Links
9.) Ability to manage your Team members via banning/un-banning any offended members
10.) Only You (The ChatRoom/Channel Creator and your invited Team Members can access your chatroom channels)

How To Use this App

Its Just simple. Just Login using Auth0 Secured API, Create your Discussion Chat Room.Once that is done, Application will ask you to click continue button and this will then redirect you back to login page to complete the setup. You can then Login back and starts using the app.

Next as Admin(ChatRoom/Channel Creator), You can send your Chatroom/channels Invitation Links to whom-ever that you want to collaborate with. You can share your invitation Links through any means eg by Email. An Invitee(your invited Member) will click on that Invitation Link to get on board to your Discussion Channel/Chatroom via Auth0 API Authentications. No further signup is required just the Auth0 Login from the Invitation page.

As Admin, you can easily manage your Team Members by banning/un-banning offended members.

Technologies Used to build this App

Below are list of Technologies Integrated into the app:
1.) Auth0 Login API
2.) Microsoft Azure Hosting for Remote Sever Call
4.)socket.Io for Real-time Chat Implementations
5.)Ajax and Jquery at Front end
6.)Php and Mysql for Storing and Retrieving Chat Messages to and from Microsoft Azure Hosting Server
7.)Html5 session storage for implementing Members chatroom/channel invitation links calls

How to Run this application

To run this application Locally or Remotely via Microsoft Azure Hosting please see the instruction files attached to the code submission.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Just trying out Auth0 and Microsoft Azure for the first time. They are awesome and fantastic

What I learned

What's next for Auth0 Team Chat

more features coming soon

Built With

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