Equity is something that is strongly valued by everyone. For us, it meant giving everyone, regardless of their physical appearance, an equal chance at opportunities in life. So many times in our life, we have seen people treat individuals unfairly because they have Autism. This situation aggrevates us because every individual has the capacity to learn and the right to not be underestimated. So, we came up with an app for Autistic individuals that provides life-long learning skills.

What it does

This app follows Applied Behaviour Analysis techniques to teach individuals with Autism how to communicate and learn important skills. The guardian is can also track the progress and feel at ease by connecting with professional in the field and other parents.

How we built it

We used prototyping software,

Challenges we ran into

It was hard to come up with important games that enhance the students learning. Research took up a lot of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The app has a sleek design and gives value to the user.

What we learned

It is important is research the problem space and form empathy with the user so that the solution solves their problem.

What's next for Aut2Learn

-Next steps would be to implement this by actually coding this in Android studio and making it avalaible on the App Store

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