Āut aims to bring DAO-native, composable and modular infrastructure to Web3 Communities. We are currently "in production" on Ethereum (Görli) and Polygon (Mumbai). We joined this hack to finally have the chance to enter the NEAR ecosystem: developing brand new features possible thanks to NEAR's alignment with our values (their NEARness? 👀), such as their eco-friendliness, and built-in profit-sharing structure (30% on contract calls) to favor a truly circular economy.

What it does

Āut is an expandable Community protocol, powering the next level of collective coordination in DAOs. It does so by adding Role-based Membership & Governance in Web3 Communities.

The current products in the Āut suite are:

  1. Expander: Your Gateway to the Āut Ecosystem. Import any Legacy DAO Contract, from Moloch (Ethereum) to Sputnik (NEAR). Expand it with Āut Expander, and give super-powers to your DAO - adding the concepts of Members Roles & Interactions directly on-chain, at contract level. Then assign Roles to your Community - and kick off role-based working & governance routines.

  2. dĀut: A DAO-Bound. dĀut is a decentralized authentication system designed for DAOs & their Members. For DAOs: Integrate it on any website, and let your Members login with their Wallet, & claim their Role in your DAO. For Members: Claim your Role in the Community & create your Self-sovereign Account. Then use it to login all across Web3.

  3. ĀutID: Own your own Identity. ĀutIDs are self-sovereign, unique, and portable: they let you join new DAOs, and log in across DAO-powered Web3 DApps. Each ĀutID works as a Social Profile, that keeps track of all your DAOs, Roles, and Experience. As well as giving each holder a unique, public URL with this structure:[your-pseudonym] 😎

How we built it

Purely on Pagoda JS SDK.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Our contracts rely on a lot of cross contract calls, which on NEAR is not as trivial as in EVM, because of nested callbacks. We had to not only translate but also change the design to fit the ecosystem.
  2. JS SDK issues, but the Pagoda team has been super super helpful.
  3. Terrible internet :D
  4. Some rain.. 🌧

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In less than 48 hours we were able to:

  • completely rewrite all our protocol's contracts, from Solidity to Typescript.

  • document our "SDK journey" (special kudos to the Pagoda team for their continued support!) PS: here our Journey!

  • create a gateway to expand existing Sputnik DAOs bringing Āut capabilities

  • design and deploy the Profit Sharing DAO: apt to (1) receive all contracts' calls fees (30%) coming from Āut contracts deployed on the NEAR network, and (2) redistribute them to all Expanded DAOs in the NEAR-Āut ecosystem, based on the activity and milestones achieved.

What we learned

Coming from the Ethereum ecosystem, we had to change, adapt and redesign many things in order to make our contracts functional, optimized and performative in NEAR environment. Also libraries on the frontend, replacing EthersJS with near-api-js.

What's next for Āut Protocol


  • Completing UI for our core products: (1) Expander, (2) dĀut and (3) ĀutID. And deploying them on NEAR Main net.
  • Finalizing design for Profit-sharing fees redistribution. October:
  • Translating "Dashboard" contracts to bring Tasks, Polls and Membership management natively on NEAR (test net)
  • Onboarding new devs from the NEAR ecosystem and the larger open-source community leveraging on Javascript SDK.

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