I was inspired to do this because I noticed the decline in the number of black businesses that were visible to me as a resident of Austin. Gentrification has pushed many black businesses out of Austin, so it can be difficult to find and support the ones that are remaining.

What it does

The app keeps track of a working directory of black businesses, and gives users all the information about them.

How I built it

I used Android Studio to build a Java-based android application. The layouts of the pages were build using XML. All of the back end of the app is run by Firebase. Firebase hosts the authentication as well as the database of businesses and user data.

Challenges I ran into

This is the first fully functioning app I've built, especially the first one with a back end system. I had to learn how to use a lot of new technologies to accomplish what I wanted to accomplish.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that I was able to build an app that actually allows users to register and sign into their own accounts. I am also proud to be able to fight for social change using my passion of programming.

What's next for Austin While Black

I definitely plan to continue to expand the app's functionality and UI. I plan to release it on the Play Store before the year is over.

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