These maps started out as a collaborative assignment with the APSU Woodward Library to showcase some historical photos in the university archives, and developed into a deployment of the same set of tools in very different fashion.

What it does

These story maps are a collection of narrative-centric visual tools to display spatial data, media, historical information, and contextual and instructional information. They can be deployed for a variety of purposes, with the focus here being on community history preservation, providing a visual learning and recruiting tool, and showcasing the vast and rich resources in our university archives.

How I built it

The maps are deployed in a variety of ways, some using templates, some with the html index modified for some visual changes.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Austin Peay State University History Maps

Continued refinement and development, some customization.

Built With

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