Using the Handshake TLD Protocol, we wanted to create and test a system cross chain to create a tokenized assets like .Austin into a smart fractionalized entity.. Is is possible?

What it does

Allows for open and programmable actions within an URL asset to manage and distribute value.

How we built it

VNOC OS tokenized using eShares Protocol and the Handshake TLD blockchain.

Challenges we ran into

How to build subdomains and wrap additional tooling

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Testing it getting it onchain and into other contributors wallets in under a minute.

What we learned

Its really cool and pushes the needle to next stage asset utilization and network effects

What's next for .Austin Handshake Identity DAO

Build a couple SubDomains like Health.Austin and wrap a few coordination tools to test if geo blockchain tlds on Handshake can create value in a distributed and blockchain based approach using smart contracts and decentralized proof of work assets.

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