Working with the ARKit to produce a tech-demo the next generation of AR devices

What it does

With the ARKit the game can track local space and provide a realistic augmented reality experience.

How I built it

I used an iPad with the iOS 11 beta, the ARKit plugin on a patched version of Unity3D, and what little documentation and examples are available online.

Challenges I ran into

A few issues with Visual Studio on the Mac put me back a few hours, I had some issues with the scripts communicating between objects. There are 3 features I spent 10+ hours trying to resolve but found difficult with little sleep.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I built my first AR app from scratch using the very latest technologies in its infancy. It's also one of the most featured apps I've develop to date even though some features were incomplete.

What I learned

I've learned a lot about AR and mobile development, I've also thoroughly enjoyed focusing on something for myself.

Confidence in my development abilities - with a background in education I felt very out of my depth at the start but I've met some fantastic people and seen some very, very talented people working in my favourite field.

What's next for AusteRity

We'll have to wait for Brexit - I have no doubt the code will find it's way into education but I would like to focus on a more feature rich AR experience in the future.

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