Inspiration behind this project has been the living experience we all faced when we came here as an international student. Being in the shoes of gig workers, their issues are core to our heart. We want to help people to have secured and sustainable employment in the gig economy.

Aussie Gigster is a perfect platform to Educate, Empower and Engage gig workers in Australia. Our user-friendly mobile application, allows users to connect, network and share the experience with the gig community, search and learn about other gig platforms, learn from a curated list of micro-credentials and access credentials on-demand and most importantly find other gig workers to partner with on a project or task.

We built it after conducting research on gig economy and its challenges faced by workers in Australia. We used figma for UI/UX design and a web based no code platform to develop first prototype.

The challenges faced by our team was virtual coordination being under locked down. And learning new tools, which war bit time consuming. But our learning curve increased. We learned a lot from product ideation, problem solving plus conducting market research as well as working on market strategy for the product. And most importantly identify different aspects of Business Model. We are proud that with in 48 hours we have been able to manifest our idea into a reality that is a prototype.

Next moves for Aussie Gigsters is to embark in journey for avenues of customer discovery , continuous innovation and scalability with new value added features, as well as partnering with stakeholders for growth and improvement of gig community.

Built With

  • figma
  • glide
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