** A Django application that collects facebook saved posts, then processes and organizes their contents into listenable and searchable articles **


Aurticles serves as a Django application that collects Facebook saved posts, then processes and organizes their contents into listenable and searchable articles. The application allows for efficiency and maximum productivity, ultimately providing an opportunity for people to learn while on-the-go. There exists a multitude of educational resources on the Internet, and Aurticles exists as a way to streamline avenues to tailor and personalize one's own interests and ultimately increase the ease of accessibility. While social media allows for new articles to arise everyday, rather than saving links and bookmarks, Aurticles makes it so that individuals have the opportunity to learn and grow in a time-efficient manner, while also maintaining an organized database of interesting sources specific to topics that people save themselves.

Inequality Track


In 2017, Pew Research Center reported that social media news use had increased among older, nonwhite and less educated Americans. Many of those individuals must also rely on public transportation for long commutes to go to work, school, and more. As a result, these large chunks of time prove difficult to easily ingest social media generated news content due to factors of motion sickness aboard trains, subways, and busses. For a demographic that has less access to higher education and learning facilities, this accumulated time proves to be a lost opportunity to learn.

Additionally, users of this application are not limited to solely visual interpretation of articles. The hack's unique ability to render ad-free article text with Google's TTS API allows for significant utility for vision-impaired users. By digesting an article in this manner, users can listen to articles from social media without the obstacles that ads and sponsored content provide to traditional screen readers

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