A great number of women tend to not have the support and resources necessary to reach their full potential. We saw that nobody had yet approached this issue, so we decided to get rolling and create something for our feminist community.

What it does

On Aurora, you can find the latest scopes, join a discord server and chat up with fellow sisters, and have a great number of hotlines handy for emergencies. Aside from that, our distinctive UI/UX will make you want to just explore the website further. While you explore, we also added some lofi to release those queen hormones.

How we built it

We built our website using HTML, CSS, bootstrap, python, and flask. HTML/CSS in addition to bootstrap was used to create and operated our frontend while python and flask operated our backend.

Challenges we ran into

Our first challenge was figuring out how to work together on the project through Live Share and Visual Studio Code. When we began our coding it took us a good 60 minutes to add everyone and get adjusted, but with perseverance, we were all about to work on the same files at the same time! Though we continued to experience the unfortunate crashing of Visual Studio Code which ended up holding back our development team for 2 hours because we were unable to make changes to our code. But luckily again, after several restarts and advice from mentors and web searching, we were able to make changes to our code again.

Secondly, when making our website, we noticed the CSS file did not appear to be working when we referenced the file in our HTML code. To fix and overcome this irritating problem, we decided to just place the style elements within our code.

Third, it took a while to figure out how to add the music to our website. Luckily, with the proper references and incredible help from the mentors, we cracked the code. We did this by downloading the music file, adding it into a folder in our project, then using the proper tags and commands to get it onto our index.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A few accomplishments we are proud of: -The website running -The way we formatted the website and the card elements of our website -The audio/music that we were able to apply to our website -We were able to design the website quite closely to our design prototype and even refurbish it's designs making it more appealing to the user

What we learned

Some of the things we learned: -How to use Live Share with Visual Studio Code -We learned more about formatting '''div''' tags the correct way -We learned how to place audio/music into our website and have it play in the background

What's next for Aurora

What is next for Aurora is the cleanup of the UI and UX while taking into account the user's wants and preferences, in order to make it more fluid and appealing to our users. In order to receive their feedback, we'll be adding a feedback feature along with the footer of our website in which they could send in their email along with their feedback and our development team would receive the email and think of a solution that's doable and fits the user's need. We all plan to make the web application more accessible to all women by turning it into a mobile app once our development team gets familiar with the logistics of creating beautiful and working mobile applications. Another step that the Aurora development team plans on doing is the addition of several more women own businesses so women can keep supporting other women by buying each other's products. Another thing that would be ideal, which we would of done if not for the time crunch, is to clean up and organize the servers created to spark discussions between women and generate a foundation of support for women in different areas of study/industry.

NOTE ~ We are not going for the domain prize since we could not link our code to our domain. We got one with but didn't work out.

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