I love building computers and playing with microcontrollers, and my friends are skilled with web applications. We brought them together.

What it does

The Pi reads scripts off of a USB and displays them in a web interface to be chosen. Also turns the computer on and off.

How I built it

We hooked a Pi into a control circuit to drive LEDs, then wrote a web app for the Pi to poll to know what scripts to run and when to turn the computer on and off.

Challenges I ran into

MOSFETS are apparently incredibly rare. This became an issue when we accidentally broke two of them. That slowed down progress and killed the team morale, but we held together and eventually got our hands on more supplies and finished the build!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We learned TONS about hardware, and high voltage circuitry. We had to get help from many generous individuals, but we came out of it knowing so much more.

What I learned

Hardware is finicky, but it's super rewarding to sit down with a completed circuit and start talking to it.

What's next for Aurora

I'll keep writing more advanced LED scripts!

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