Creators are not getting paid from platforms like spotify and youtube, there is a lack of creative control, audience growth is difficult and monetisation is even more difficult.

What it does

Aureal is a creativity incentivisation engine, that enables multichain value generation through Engage to Earn, Attention Mining, Streaming SATs (Bitcoin) and Crypto for creative communities to help creators get deplatformed and have creative independence while being omnipresent on multiple chains all at the same time. Aureal monetises content 100X better than Spotify already. No matter where you are, Aureal will monetise your content even if you're on Web 2 platforms.

How we built it

The core of Aureal is built on, with Multi-Token Bridging with EVM compatible chains and Address Mapping using unstoppable domains, with reducing inflationary tokenomics (DPoS) to enable inflationary reward distribution through audience voting while having them rewarded for curation and Sharing.

Challenges we ran into

We started with podcasting, and created an impact, the creators are monetising effectively, but there are certain limitations of UX which are not at-par with web2 media platforms. Creators are not fairly technical, we have to enable fluid onboarding and user experience to ensure the creator doesn't realise that this platform is web 3.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We enabled the disribution of more than $860k in last year with only 2700 creators on the platform. We are monetising content 100x better than spotify, without relying on Ads or sponsorships.

What we learned

Web 3 is good, aggressive growth lies in user-experience.

What's next for Aureal

Becoming the core engines to all the web 3 media platforms out there to help do justice to the creators and enabling web 2 platforms transition to web 3 using our SDK.

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