This was a unique breakthrough, something we thought was an untapped entertainment sector. We thought we should somehow integrate the experience of reading books and watching movies. Hence the project

How it works

It works on the principle of sentimental analysis. The app analyses the current page that the reader is reading by using the Synesketch library to identify the dominant emotion on the page and plays the background music which changes accordingly.

Challenges I ran into

The epub reader ran into a quite a few problems while reading the book and displaying it. The current implementation is still quite lacking and requires further polish before its ready for the end user.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of having accomplished the task of coming up with an app overnight which more or less works as expected.

What I learned

Team spirit of course. Hacking in close quarters for 24 hours brought out the best amongst us. Plus a healthy dose of sentimental analysis and differentiating emotions.

What's next for AuReader

The fading out of music still is buggy, and is the next priority step. Also, we need to have more flexibility in reading. Then decreasing the page load time and improving the overall userexperience.

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