With climate change happening faster than we’re trying to prevent it, it’s crucial for us to plant more. Plants release oxygen and absorb CO2, a greenhouse gas in the air that directly leads to global warming. But only 30% of Americans actually have a garden. Many are hesitant to plant anything because of the lack of knowledge around gardening, they think it’s too hard, or too much to maintain.

This is AuraGreen’s solution to all of that. We’ve combined two products, the AuraGreen Impactor Device and the AuraGreen App making technology your personal assistant to make the world a cleaner place.

The Impactor is a device that you place in the soil of your plants. When left there, it tracks important features of your soil, such as moisture levels, pH levels, the number of nutrients, and the plant’s overall health. This is done through sensors on each of the Impactor flower’s petals. Its design is extremely disguisable, so it’s not some monitor sticking out of your soil, but a pleasing flower to look at which is almost invisible in the dirt. Additionally, it will be very affordable, priced at only $3 to buy. The aim of this product is for it accessible to everyone.

What makes the Impactor powerful is the AuraGreen app. The app automatically syncs with the Impactor device through a Bluetooth connection. The app shows you all the statistics that the Impactor tracks, such as pH levels, moisture levels. It sends you reminders via a notification on your phone if you need to water your plant, especially if your moisture levels are low. For any plant that you grow, whether it’s a fruit, vegetable, tree, or flower, you’ll see personalized care details and schedules so you know what to expect.

In the end, our mission is to empower more Americans to start gardening. It’s making a positive difference in your lives and in future generations to come to mitigate the effects of climate change. AuraGreen aims to encourage people to plant and give them the comprehensive resources they need, so they won’t feel overwhelmed by planting.

Throughout this hackathon, I completely prototyped the app design and functionalities of the app. I created the prototype of the Impactor Device through Inventor CAD software. I'm excited to see where it goes!

Built With

  • cad
  • canva
  • figma
  • inventor
  • java
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