A Comprehensive Sexual Education App

What it does

Our team has created a free, easily accessible version of the Auntie Stella Website on a mobile software application. Notes from the current "Auntie Stella" website: The ‘Auntie Stella’ website is a place where you can read young people’s letters to Auntie Stella, like the ’agony aunt’ pages you find in many magazines. There are 40 letters – all drawing on the experiences and stories of young people in southern and east Africa. The letters, and Auntie Stella’s replies, deal with all kinds of personal, emotional, and social issues that affect young women and men’s lives and sexual health and their relationships with partners, family, peers and society.

And these letters aren’t just something to read – what’s really important is what YOU discuss and do as you use them. Each letter and reply has activities to help you talk about your own lives, look at your options, work together and get the skills and support you need. They’re fun too. You can get off the computer and do a whole variety of things - roleplays and quizzes, debates and interviews, songs and stories to write, maps and diagrams to make. You can also find out what’s happening in your communities, and make plans to get involved.

How I built it

We created wireframes of the software appliation and showed partial functionallity of the application through a React webApp

What's next for Auntie Stella

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