We believe that panic and inefficiency in a healthcare emergency such as a fire or an active shooter event can be prevented.

What it does

We built an Android and iOS app that allows users to get directions to escape during a large scale crisis. We built an algorithm that provides the most efficient routes for emergency aid when multiple injuries are reported and provides load balancing for overly trafficked areas.

How we built it

iOS - Swift, Google Maps API, Google Places API, AlamoFire Android - Android SDK, Java, Google Maps API Server - Django, MySQL Algorithm - Java

Challenges we ran into

Google Maps API was difficult to configure Server API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Google Maps integration REST API Weighted Min-Max Algorithm

What we learned

Developing separate code bases for iOS and Android are superior to hybrid apps Don't overcomplicate with logins

What's next for AUHacks-iOS

Built With

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