We love Augur, but the existing Augur UIs are not mobile-friendly. Also, they are designed to mimic trading UIs, whereas Augur should be able to also attract users that are more familiar with gambling odds and sports betting websites.

What it does

Our user-friendly iPhone app allows you to:

1) view stats on featured Augur markets such as ETH at stake and market end date 2) view American-style betting odds on each market 3) click any market to see more information (including time-series pricing charts) 4) navigate to the most popular markets in a list of popular market categories

How we built it

To use augur.js APIs, you must host your own augur-node. We used Heroku to host our own node. We do not host our own Ethereum node, but rather use an available public endpoint.

We then created a Node.js server on AWS lambda which connects to our Heroku-hosted Augur node and retrieves data via the augur.js APIs.

The iOS app interfaces with our lambda function via a RESTful AWS API Gateway.

Challenges we ran into

Hosting our own Augur node was not trivial. There is meant to be a one-click deploy button to Heroku, but as is often the case it wasn't so simple. It took us some time to realize that there was a Heroku-side issue with the specific buildpack used by Augur node.

Another challenge was getting our AWS Lambda function to work with augur.js. The main challenge here is that the augur.js node module dependencies are actually too large for Lambda, which has a 250MB unzipped disk space limit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We designed a user-friendly mobile app that displays interesting live/realtime Augur data.

What's next for Augur Pro

We'd love to add other features such as user accounts, market creation, and market participation, but we should probably consult with a lawyer about what we can or cannot do next...

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