Ads today are very two dimensional, everyone is now used to how ads look and are no longer fascinated by them rather look upon them as a burden that ruins their flow while using the internet. By making ads and marketing experiences in augmented reality consumers now have the ability to do something they never possessed before, be able to interact with the product in a degree that never existed before that that was the driving force behind our team while working on this project.

What it does

Every time you shop in your preferred E-commerce site you now have the option to interact with what your looking at in AR and understand more about it than ever before. The service we built is more geared to E-commerce companies that already have an existing tech stack. So rather than reinvent the wheel with a completely new tech stack we built this entire project with the intention that any e-commerce companies can easily integrate this product on their already exsisting tech stack. hence saving both time and money and at the same time enabling their customers to experience something completely different.

How we built it

We built it using Facebooks SparkAR tools. In addition to that we also made custom web servers to take care of all the networking aspects of the project. We used Messaging API's to send SMS's, Whatsapp messages as well well puch notification that are connected to the AR experince of the individual product

Challenges we ran into

SparkAR lack of good documentation proved very difficult to the team and 3 out of 4 members in the team were completely inexperienced in using it. Due to the poor documentation features like networking which was very important to the project proved a very difficult task to implement. SparkAR does not allow external textures to be dynamically loaded onto components in the scene, something that also proved to be challenging to us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Inspite of having no experience in using the tool SparkAR, we were still able to build a good demo that people enjoyed and we were able to overcome all the problems we had faced with the software with some help from StackOverflow and the internet.

What we learned


What's next for Augmented Reality Advertisements and Marketing tools.

You know those annoying ads that pop up on the sides of the website you're currently viewing. The plan was always to turn that into a clickable AR experience, so doing that would be the next step.

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