We wanted to build something that would positively impact the safety and overall quality of life for all Detroit residents.

What it does

Augry connects users via Facebook to form a travel "buddy system" for navigating the streets of Detroit. It not only tracks the user's location in real-time and plots multiple routes of travel from an origin to destination point, but also serves as a data visualization platform, mapping a neighborhood's crime history and providing markers to the nearest safespace.

How we built it

The front-end was built with basic HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. We primarily used two API's: Google Maps to plot data points and determine routing, and Facebook to access and connect user data. The backend was built on Flask and Gunicorn, and hosted on a combination of AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Challenges we ran into

Let's build a data analytics app with intelligent path-finding! 10 hours later Let's build a buddy system with Facebook integration! How about both?! Then ensued the usual debugging, uncooperative CSS, and "why's the server down again?" challenges common to any hackathon. But in 36 hours we overcame these challenges (to some extent or another) and are proud to present the future of cooperative navigation systems, Augry.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Three of our members had little to no experience in web development, and still we managed to put together Augry, a responsive, robust web application. Much of the team's success must be accredited to our back-end architect (nice work Danny), who gave up his sleep to build a "blazing fast" back-end, teach us about front-end web-dev, fix our Javascript bugs, and overall stitch together a hugely successful hack.

What's next for Augry

We hope to flesh out the Facebook user interaction by providing services such as direct messaging and calling, and continue to integrate more datasets into Augry's analytic capabilities.

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