If you are new in a city - whether as a tourist, a workshop participant or a new inhabitant - it can be pretty hard to find the best locations around you for the specific thing you want to do. You are a tourist and want to make sure to not miss any important sight that is just around the corner? You just arrived in a yet unknown city to attend a workshop and need to get around quickly, find an ATM and your hotel in time? Or you just moved in and want to experience the best local restaurants, bars and events nearby? We have the perfect solution for all of these cases!

What it does

Our mobile app shows you important places that are just around the corner by augmenting the real world with different markers that indicate your goal. Just hold the phone in front of you and turn around while you see all the important places and their distance from your current position.

According to your use case you can even filter what should be displayed. Let the app show you famous monuments and historic buildings on your holiday trip until you get hungry and change the filter to only see the best restaurants nearby.

When arriving in the city of your next workshop you can highlight the position of the hotel that was already booked for you and easily find the workshop location when you arrive at the nearest train station.

If you just moved in, your top priority might be to know the most important shops for your daily grocery shopping. If you are vegetarian, a sushi lover or just on a low budget, the app can adapt to your needs and show you only what is really relevant to you.

How we built it

We created a native iOS app for efficient resource loading that guarantees minimial loading times and a smooth operation. Our app is built with Apple's xcode and accesses the APIs from esri for displaying the map data.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge was to understand and integrate the API from esri efficiently so that the user can have the best possible experience. But this was done quickly thanks to the excellent API documentation and after this initial step we were good to go and managed to implement all the necessary features with little effort.

Only one other issue was the mapping of real-world coordinates to the necessary geolocation coordinates needed for the API. With that we had to calculate how far the distance is and place the pin with the appropriate size according to the real-world position.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to integrate all the necessary features into a very user friendly interface that can be used without any prior knowledge about the app. Everything is efficiently connected and works fluently which leads to an effortless use and creates a great user experience.

What's next for Augmentify

The next step is to expand our service to reach more users in new cities and countries so that everyone can profit from our app.

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