Created by mshoe, groovy-tunes, and Wxnchen11.

Awarded 2nd Place Overall at Wearhacks Toronto 2016

AugmentedGeometry is a 3D Vector Function Visualizer. Graph Ellipsoids, parabloids, hyperboloids, and more. Coefficients can be set using the menu sliders, allowing for a large range of functions to be generated. Tools used: Google Cardboard, Unity 5, Vuforia.

Demo Video: Coming Soon.

To Run: Download either the AugmentedGeometry_1.4.apk (Cardboard Compatible) or AugmentedGeometry_Demo_1.4.apk (Non-Stereo) and install on any android phone.

The Non-Stereo version is suitable for those without a Google Cardboard device. The Cardboard Compatible version should be used in conjunction with a Google Cardboard device and will provide a much more immersive experience.

Required: Image Target Print this image off and hold it in front of your phone camera while running the AugmentedGeometry application. This image must be in view of the phone camera at all times in order for the visualization to appear. It acts as a unique "anchor" point for the app engine and allows the function to be graphed in 3-space accordingly.

To obtain bigger or smaller visualizations, simply resize the Image Target.

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