There are no doubts that internet has transformed the way people cook around the world by accessing new recipes from around the world that can help new chefs into prepared delicious new dishes. One of the big problems that existed previously and that still exists with digital displays is that when cooking most of the times the hands are busy or dirty with the results of the cooking.

With ARCA, an AR cooking recipe agent, there is no need to take out the eyes from the dish that the chef is preparing, or to try to switch the pages of the recipe book or tablet, we can just see the next steps illustrated over your field of vision, and we can pace the agent to move between steps with simple voice commands.

Once the recipe is finished, why not taking a picture and sharing it with social network?

ARCA is an AR app targeted to people interested in a new way to cook and to interact with recipes by addng an extra level of interactive information that will make the process of creating wonderful dishes easier, as every step is directly displayed without the need to take the eyes away from the preparation of the recipe or to take the hands out of the tasks needed to perform successfully the dish.

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