In a recent incident on a one-way street I tried to get a descent hotel around me by just looking it up but the only option was to go through the searching and then selecting one of the hotel from result and then subsequently zeroing on one particular hotel eventually it turned out my car can't be driven on that one-way street. Then it realizes whether the Augmented Reality can help me to get my current scene and feed me the relevant details with which I can interact before settling down.

What it does

BAsed on the users current location and the sensor details from the devices with the help of camera live view it plot a given real world context and pulled the digital information from the TOMTOM API, further down it render the Augmented marker object for the digital information fetched. Also, along with the same it has the indicator been tagged while moving around and interacting with the place of interest.

How we built it

We started with building a basic android app. Then enhanced it's capability to have the AR integration with help of Wikitude library. We look for the digital information provider and gone through the TOMTOMs online presence on the API front which is available for the easy integration on REST. We built the integration into the application along with the filter conditions to narrow down the visualization on the screen. Rendering of the marker and different lables for selected few categories is the next in line. Last step is to display the information on the Live Camera View.

Challenges we ran into

Identifying the correct libraries to support Augmented Reality rendering. Identifying and using the correct API from the TOMTOM universe. Integration is the key part to get the labels categorized as per the places.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to get the first of a kind integration with the TOMTOM API and AR on this simple Android Location based app which has more extension capacity than just visualizing and interacting with markers.

What we learned

Augmented Reality - domain. Android programming - code Tomtom APIs - learning Wikitude library - integration.

What's next for Augmented Reality using TomTom Maps API

Build a navigation plot with help of TOMTOM Route API Build or train a building/bus-stop plane identification so that user gets a gaming experience to capture the places and enrich the data for the digital provider.

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