As many of ethnic groups are facing lot issues where I had taken my family as an example in the fields of marketing,education.As I further researched ,I noticed many many users are facing such issues.So, i thought of making this application which depicts the usage of Augmented Reality.

What it does

This application can be used in marketing field to showcase or increase the brand of product based companies,in field of education where any millennial can understand the theory in an digital way,in the field of construction the user can repair his own product without consulting any technician by using this application.These all issues can be done by sitting in their comfort zones.

How I built it

This application is built by using the Unity platform and Vuforia for databases.

Challenges I ran into

i participated in THub,college hackathons,smart India Hackathons

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Got selected into the round 1 of Thub and gained certificates for my work.

What I learned

To be more enough and how can a work be done.

What's next for Augmented Reality related to COVID-19

If this application of mine has more polished structure this can occupy some space in some social networking sites like Google,Facebook etc.

Built With

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