I chose to create this project because I wanted to combine two cool technologies, the Kinect and the laser harp, while also writing shaders. A laser harp projects a number of laser beams in a fan, and when broken by the user’s hands, will play a musical tone. By utilizing the depth sensor of the Kinect and an augmented overlay shown on a computer monitor, the user can play the laser harp by placing their hand through the beam. This product is targeted at those who like to experiment with music production and performance; this software would be right at home on stage next to a real laser harp. I’m most proud of how this software relies on DirectCompute for rendering the beams and detecting when they have been broken. Without GPU acceleration, this software could not have worked in real time. This virtual laser harp projects 7 beams, with which the user can play the C major scale. When a beam is broken, the laser stops at the user’s hands, just like a real laser harp would. The higher up the beam is broken, the louder the emitted tone is.

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