Wouldn't it be cool to control IoT devices from your game or an interactive virtual 3D model of your home?

Imagine if you're playing a scary game and your connected thermostat can instantly blast the AC mode when a poltergeist is haunting your scene... or if the game's global weather system could be controlled by real world sunlight from a light meter on your plant!

What it does

We created an extension/plugin for any Unity app to connect to AWS and the (currently) desktop-only WebGL live demo is available at the link below. (Wait for it to load)

How we built it

@yosun built the clientside using her Unity framework RealityScript (wrapped into her gyroFIRE platform for the web) utilizing 3D art models from the asset store

@ratub who has been lead engineer @ Oracle for many years (and now looking at her next opportunity) built the serverside AWS integration

What's next for Augmented Reality In-Game Interfaces for IoT

We hope to clean up our code to share our SDK with the community!

fun fact

yosun's first name backwards is nusoy (and oprah's first name backwards is harpo)

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