As Gundam fans, I'm always wanted to travel Japan to view most iconic build Gundam scale 1:1, but due to pandemic I have to postponed to go there,hence I created my own simple AR gundam using WebAR technologies and EchoAR

What it does

View 3D model in web that can be enable Augmented Reality mode of iconic Gundam model RX-78-2 on plane surface, plus link to 360 photo that show scale 1:1 of gundam at Odaiba Japan

How I built it

Technologies I used in these project are listed below: HTML 5, Bootstrap EchoAR

Challenges I ran into

Plane surface tracker on EchoAR is not compatibility on android device. lack of tutorial on HTML echoAR viewer This project only work on Iphone 6s and above, got the problem with android phone to detect the plane. The loading time to wait 3D model to load are quite slow to display the 3D model of Gundam

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first time use EchoAR to develop WebAR project

Built With

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