Birthdays are special . A reason to celebrate , party and have fun from that hectic schedule. but since the start of quarantine, we haven't been able to go out much. We miss spending time together with old friends and relax. So we thought, If we can't go outside, why not bring happiness to us and to our loved ones?

Augmented Reality Birthday Fiesta is an AR application that allows to have that special birthday experience inside and also helps in mental piece of mind .

What it does

The Vuforia apps installed in your phone with provided image targets in the Vuforia database will show all the birthday _ bombings _.This Unity3D birthday AR allows you to recieve databases including image targets and to regenerate all your birthday memories in reality.

The AR Foundation app installed in android with AR Core XR Plugin helps to provide session and to identify default plane for the balloons to be at the specific location tapped by the user. Also AR Foundation with AR Face Tracking library which will track your face and then you can try funky stickers for your face 2D + 3D Effect in replacement of real face masks.

You have several options to explore inside the AR:

  1. Balloons
  2. Card magic tricks 3.Funky faces
  3. 3D Cake
  4. 3D Gifts
  5. Glass Cheers

How I built it

Inside Unity using packages: 1.Vuforia 2.AR Foundation 3.AR Core XR Plugin 4.AR Face Tracking and installing apks in the mobile with target images.

Challenges I ran into

It is compulsory for AR Foundation application for android that Google Play Services for AR should be pre-installed inside the android else you will only see black screen. It was hard to find models and alignment for perfect experience. Importing packages and databases multiple times

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It will give you the best birthday experience inside home. Every thing in the applications works .

What I learned

  1. Making apps with Vuforia 2.Vuforia database and importing
  2. Vuforia with 2D and 3S 3.Manipulating Images
  3. AR Foundation with AR Core XR plugin
  4. Using AR Face tracks

What's next for Augmented Reality Birthday Fiesta

We will add more elements like fireworks, party bombers etc.for better experience

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