There are multitudes of Web and Mobile apps to assist a community in some meaningful way. Unfortunately there are not many such Augmented Reality apps that could be of some use in their life. So we wanted to bridge that gap and built an application that is useful in various scenarios. Alt text Also, the AR market is one of the most robust and reliable market, so we wanted to build something out of it!

What it does

An Augmented Reality application that could recognize identities like images/objects and act according to the logic. This increased interaction with customers, promotes personalization & high amicability to both Business and customers. Example: Anyone in front of UB Davis hall with this application can know its History.

There are some major scenarios that we considered and have implemented.

  1. Brand marketing: Increased connection between brands and its users.
  2. Education: Notebooks with embedded tutorial videos
  3. Spreading awareness: Financial, health and environmental stability awareness
  4. Captivity: Increased attention span, leading to more captivating games for children

How we built it

The App was built using Unity and ARCore using C# scripts. The overall application was deployed in Android. For the UI/UX we leveraged the tailor-made UIWidgets and the data is from YouTube. The video is played over the screen using the inbuilt video player functionality of Unity.

Challenges we ran into

We have not worked with C# before. So it was challenging and we had to spend a lot of hours learning what was needed. There were a lot of configurational learnings and hardware limitations that we had to endure. The impact of the surrounding luminosity had an impact on the results.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to complete the application and deploy it for all 4 use cases within the stipulated time. At the end, we were able to run the application for varied brightness and angles, and provide reliable solutions in most of the cases.

What we learned

We were able to learn Unity, ARCore and C#. In addition we were able to create UIWidgets in Pure Unity. The use-cases for this project is humungous and is very diverse.

What's next for Aparecium

The application must be extended in a large scale, if it is gonna be available for the public. One major scope would be in Guerilla marketing, where increased interaction and preferential treatment of some key customers increases the business multifolds.

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