*Due to COVID-19 almost one in four children living under lockdowns, social restrictions and school closures are dealing with feelings of anxiety, with many at risk of lasting psychological distress which is hindering the process of learning for children of small age group as they can not see the objects/words/letters or visualize them in real time.

*Feelings of helplessness, loneliness and fear of being socially excluded, stigmatized or separated from loved ones are common in any epidemic, while prolonged stress, boredom and social isolation, as well as a lack of outdoor play, can lead to a higher number of mental health conditions in children, such as anxiety.

What it does

Our main aim is create immersive visual prefabs or cues (3D Models) for ease in daily tutelage of young kids with Augmented Reality using Vuforia SDK on prexisting taken through camera input targets acquired by realtime image recognition

How I built it

*One of the base of our detection system is Image processing using an SDK Vuforia in Unity

*Using the Unity AR Core it detects the image and mounts 3d Models on it.

*The Dot Mapping on the image is done using the vuforia “feature select” feature which maps points on the target image to help in further augmentation

Challenges I ran into

*Adding textures to the 3D model

  • Animating the 3D Model

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learn to stimulate Models and build an app out of it in just 24hrs

What I learned

Using Unity AR core to make Augmented Reality App

What's next for Augmenta

  • Introducing Brain stimulation to check how the student is grasping.
  • Introducing Custom user editable model Input. *Introducing Augmented screens for kids to watch educational movies.

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