Have you ever read a book and realized that the ambient noise doesn't match the the tone or feel of your literature? Introducing Augment, a new class of ebook reader, fully immersing you in the world of the stories that you read.

Augment uses epub metadata, sentiment analysis and machine learning API's to analyse paragraphs and determine the atmosphere and tone of the current section of the book you are reading. Using this data we dynamically select the background music and sound effects to drastically enhance your reading experience, adding a completely new dimension to this age old pastime.

Augment is built as a chrome extension and as such is cross platform, touch enabled and works on any device. The UI is consturcted with angularjs. Howlerjs was used for backed data processing and retrieval. All sound effects are downloaded and played on the fly from freesound using their API. For the textual sentiment analysis we used alchemyapi.

Problems we ran into: -Supported audio formats in HTML5 differed by browser and platform -Chrome extension events loading in unexpected order -Loading files from within chrome extension -Finding appropriate sentiment analysis tools/APIs

Accomplishments We're Proud of: -Splitting work and having it come together seamlessly in the end. -Getting lots of sleep!

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