Our inspiration for building this was a desire to implement some of the infinite possibilities augmented reality brings to interaction with the real world.

What it does

Allows users to tag physical objects and build augmented reality models on them.

How I built it

ARKit to enable the iOS client to create the models. Node.js WebSocket server Hosted on Google Cloud Services

Challenges I ran into

Sending images over WS. Storing 3-D scenes (transformation matrices, orientations). Updating OSX and Xcode to 10.2.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Coming up with cool models of how to store 3-D scenes (that I didn't end up using but will in the future).

What I learned

Zach: How to use ARKit and that your OS is a dependency. base64 encoding makes your images bigger. Ryan: Node.js backend development and the Google Cloud Services platform.

What's next for Augment Anywhere

Actually being able to upload the target images along with their geolocation and models so that all clients can see the same models on the same targets.

Also, we would like to make the models that user’s share more interactive such as drawings, billboards, and even board games. The social aspect of this augmented reality project opens many doors for Augment Anywhere as an advanced social media platform. Aside from a social media, Augment Anywhere could enable parties to share 3d drawings and other digital constructs with each other.

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