I am great fan of Ar Vr and Mr .which inspired me to take this challenge

What it does

This is just not an game app . This app increase the eye movements ,and eye brow movements of the player. Since IT guys who spends large amount of time in front of the computer lacks eye blinking and eye brow movement . This app assist them to increase the eye blinking and eyebrow movements ,as these are used as an gesture to jump the Santa to catch the balloons.

How I built it

I built it using the spark Ar Studio. It mostly uses the Face tracking features and Blink and eye brow movement patches of the spark Ar Studio.

Challenges I ran into

I found one draw back of assigning multiple transition to single object. Like the balloon was animated to move from left to right by using the transition patch of the spark ARStudio. But once the player hits the balloon i need the new animation to move the balloon up wards . i was unable to assign the second animation to move the balloon up.up on click on the object position transition in the patch editor.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Up on completion of this game i felt i have learnt some thing more.

What I learned

I learned new way of integrating facial gestures. like eye movement ,facial tracking from the spark ar studio. it is absolutely fantastic that the patch editor does a great job in achieving this huge work.

What's next for Augmented Reality App

Integrating all facial interactions on all augmented reality app.

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