The main focus of our project was to make something awesome using as much of the API's offered in this hackathon. As a result we made Audra. Audra is an AI that you can text on the fly thanks to Twilio's easy API. She has realistic response time along with a casual laid back personality. She listens to you and dynamically learns about you usings IBM's User Modeling application in Bluemix, and storing/loading user data with mongoDB. After a couple or so texts she is able to analyize your personality in great detail and with this information we can morph her personality to the user. In the end Audra has a dirty catch, she wants you to fund her. Yes in the end once you befriend her she will ask and persist you to support her education (In reality this means just paying her developers). She uses the data from the user to construct her pitch, and sends them to her donation page in a domain name serviced by namecheep using the paypal easy pay service.

Our target user is any curious guy or gal who would enjoy a small chat. Thanks to the IBM user analysis we can self expand our target user.

Our most proudful feature is being able to use the user modeling application to transform our everyday scrap data into useful assets.

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