Imagine communicating with a large social group, such as a conference meeting or university lecture where a disability renders it impossible for you to follow what everyone is saying. How do you attend gatherings, such as parties or board game nights? Do you expect your friends to have the skills the communicate with you, or do you expect to know exactly what's going on? Where is the fun in being lost? Transcription apps and sign language are great, but not practical for the modern-day user. Communication does not happen one voice at a time.

What it does

Audiv digitizes social group interaction into Facebook messenger group chats. Your friends should not bear the burden of downloading new software, applications, and following an inconvenient set of steps to get going with transcription. For this reason, Audiv works out of the box with any Facebook user. Upon signing up with the service exclusively on its website, Audiv will listen for specific commands from your account.

As someone who would need Audiv, it would be my responsibility to go to Facebook Messenger and create a group chat among those I wish to interact with around me. Then, simply type "START AUDIV!" and watch as a regular Facebook group chat is activated with Audiv. The chat colors will change, the group will get a new chat name, and Audiv's features will be exclusive to the users who message "add me" in the chat. Because of security purposes, Audiv will not allow any new members to join the group once it has been activated with Audiv.

Starting Audiv will generate a website link that every member may go to for real-time transcription. Upon going to this link, you will b required to enter your Facebook account information along with the unique group chat name created when Audiv was initiated. The backend will verify that you belong in this chat and soon enough, you can begin talking and all of your messages will be transcribed in real-time. Don't worry about anything even when you pause. Audiv will always be listening when it matters most.

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