My mom who is visually impaired likes to listen to audiobooks on her Ipod/mp3 player. I read out the audio books available from myanonamouse website and she asks me to download and transfer books she likes. I would like her to be independent and transfer her own stories. I tried to setup Jaws so she can use the computer. But that takes a long time to upskill. So I thought of leveraging the audio input and nlp features of smart speakers and building something she can use with ease.

What it does

Takes audio commands from smart speaker and downloads audiobooks from a web site, and transfers them to an mp3 player.

How I built it

I have an alexa skill that triggers a Lambda function which informs a web server running on Rasberry Pi to download audio book from a web site it scrapes. It stores it on hdd connected to a RasberryPi. To transfer them to a mp3 player, connect mp3 plater to the Rasberry Pi and give audio instructions to the alexa skill. Supports basic CRUD operations. Also supports scraping of book reviews from

Challenges I ran into

Web scrapping with authentication.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

Learnt Springboot, RasberryPi, Alexa skills, Python

What's next for audity

Allow it to be packaged to support others with the same need. Also add support for multiple audio book sites.

Built With

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