The Problem

The coronavirus outbreak of 2020 has brought to the forefront of the human domain a never before seen effort of all medical staff around the globe. The scope of this global operation is taking a big strain on medical professionals on one end, and of course the many people combating the illness on the other. A big hindrance that has presented itself in the hospitals is the struggle to communicate. Doctors wearing PPE equipment can only barely communicate without resorting to shouting in an effort to be hard by the people who need their help. To help better the workflow of doctors and other health workers we are developing a solution. Auditus is an app which helps the people in the front line. Via clever use of Bluetooth technology it enables better communication from worker to patient, and with even more useful features it presents an efficient tool for boundaryless communication between all involved in the quest to save lives.

The Solution

Being a forward thinking team we are striving to bring forward elegant simple solutions that benefit the people. Auditus is a simple yet intriguing solution that makes use of already existing hardware technologies, thus needing only a software platform to bring its functionality to life. The application is developed in the Android native environment, where we used novel approaches of manipulating audio streams, Bluetooth and wired connectivity, and state-of-the-art speech recognition.

The Hackathon

During the weekend we had several long interviews with medical doctors and used their feedback to design new features like real-time speech to text translation. We have developed the first production version of the Audius app and released it to the public. In addition to that, we have created promotional material and video. But most of all we had a lot of fun.

The Impact

This crisis has put to the forefront of our attention a lot of mainly forgotten values. Now more than ever we appreciate those who are normally behind the covers. Auditus will enable all doctors around the world to execute their work better and with more precision without getting as exhausted. On the other side it also enables other positives with its features like multilingual communication with patients who come from abroad, which is especially applicable to the EU as it consists of many different countries which all speak different languages. With Auditus we are striving to take strain off the medical staff who are more fatigued by the day and at the same time provide communication where it is most necessary. To one patient words of encouragement may be the difference between life and death and to others, sadly, they can be the last words they will ever get to hear. Our solution is focused at the humaneness of speech which at this time is being severely compromised and that presents a compromise of human dignity the EU shouldn’t allow.

After the Crisis

Auditus is useful in the hardest times of crisis as well as during non-pandemic times. The beauty of our solution lies in its versatility. It is best used in any kind of environment where communication is tough due to safety precautions which hinder human to human audio transmission. With various coming features Auditus will also enable communication between people where information exchange is hindered by other hurdles like language comprehension.

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