We were inspired to create AuditPal as a tool to help the Jane Goodall Institute, because of their important mission of preserving chimpanzee habitats. We strongly believe in the Jane Goodall Institute’s vision of creating a healthy planet, and our tool aims to help them accomplish their goal.

What it does

AuditPal optimizes the process of reviewing and approving conservation maps in accordance to Open Conservation Standards. It integrates closely with important tools such as Esri ArcGIS Online and the DocuSign eSignature API to make the process more efficient for stakeholders and experts. The platform makes it possible to share and obtain feedback from non-ArcGIS users. Users create audits which are shared with reviewers and stakeholders. Experts can add reviews through the web app's map component and add any additional comments or upload files for the ArcGIS user to modify the map with. The app supports multiple review cycles and once the process has been completed, sends a DocuSign envelope which includes all the comments and map revisions to all stakeholders and reviewers to sign approval.

How we built it

AuditPal is a full-stack application built with a React frontend, Express backend, and uses MongoDB to store data. It uses APIs from Esri ArcGIS and DocuSign to implement important functionality.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into several challenges when implementing the map component as well as determining the best way to embed an ArcGIS map into a DocuSign envelope. We found that the ArcGIS JavaScript API supports a sketch layer which allows a user to add shapes, graphics, and comments to a map. The ArcGIS API was also used to take a screenshot of the MapView component and insert it into the DocuSign envelope. The DocuSign integration also includes a link to the web application for reviewers and stakeholders to access an interactive page with each requested change.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of building an application that supports a complex process within a short amount of time. Our team only learned of the hackathon several days before the deadline and rapidly developed our project. We're happy with the application we've built that implements several ArcGIS and DocuSign integrations.

What we learned

We gained experience working with Esri ArcGIS APIs and map components, as well as creating envelopes with the DocuSign APIs. Exporting and persisting data from the Esri ArcGIS maps was a critical learning point for the team.

What's next for AuditPal

We hope to have the chance to work with the Jane Goodall Institute to further develop the app to implement more flexibility around adding comments and graphics to maps, as well as adding additional data to support modification requests. Since the app was developed in a short amount of time, we would like to improve the robustness and security of the app for greater scalability.

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