The base inspiration for Auditionr comes from the experiences of our friends who are trying to make it in the film or theater industry. In today's market, one's ability to be cast in a production is often limited by their location, connections, and luck, as the age old system of in-person auditions commonly requires that you travel large distances, know someone who can put you in a room with a director, or compete with people who have more fortune than you do. As a result, actors all around the world are left unable to make a living doing what they love, and directors all around the world are investing immense amounts of money in recruiting actors, yet missing out on some of the best talent.

Enter Auditionr. We provide a platform for conducting online auditions, accessible to everyone from James Cameron to the theater director in your local community, from recent acting school graduates to Leonardo Dicaprio. One of the largest advantages of in person auditions is that the actors can see each other and play off each other's acting, so we replicated that experience by putting you in a live stream with people auditioning for the other parts so that you can act through the script together. Anybody can try out for plays and movies or cast actors in the comfort of their home and with the convenience of the internet, and we hope this system will allow for greater productions, greater equality, and greater artistic expression.

How it works

  1. The director of the play or movie posts their production on Auditionr, submitting a sample of their script along with a list of characters.

  2. Actors can browse the list of productions available and pick their favorites, choosing the characters they want to audition for.

  3. Auditionr will automagically put the auditioning actors into audition groups, each audition group containing one actor auditioning for each character.

  4. The audition will take place through a live video chat between all the actors in the group, allowing them to interact naturally with one another, and consists of the group of actors acting through the script sample in character.

  5. The director of the production will review audition tapes from each audition group, and pick out the actors they liked the best to cast.

What's next for Auditionr

  • Allowing directors to set up callbacks in order to see how certain actors interact with each other
  • Scheduling for audition times
  • A more comprehensive casting page to allow directors to better track the status of auditions
  • Actor and director profiles
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